Exchange is key for progress

In the year 2013 we decided to found Matrix Health Partner – a platform for therapists and patients.

Since November 12th 2016 this platform is now also home for Matrix Health Partner International.

Over the years therapists worldwide told us that they want exchange. Practical exchange as well as scientific exchange. Exchange is key for progress. Nobody can do everything alone. A strong compagnionship where diversity is welcome and nourished is key for therapeutical as well as economical success. We welcome you to work together actively with the Matrix Concept.

Our vision for Matrix Health Partner: We want to provide a network which is driven by esteem and mutual enrichment.

Since founding this platform we get positive feedback from all sides, so that we like to think of being on the right track. On this occasion we’d like to say a big thank you to all Matrix Health Partner. You had faith in us and we grew strong together. I also want to thank my team, which works with effort and committment for the benefit of the whole network.

Faith and cooperation creates sustainable, abiding and mutual values!

Carpe diem

Yours sincerely

Sema Randoll