Seven Years MaRhyThe® in India

Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat

Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat is one of the first physiotherapists in India to introduce Matrix Rhythm Therapy. He has a vast experience of using Matrix Rhythm Therapy in his clinical practices. He is also a certified Matrix Rhythm Therapy Trainer. In his speech in honour of the ceremony of Seven Years of Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India he talks about his experiences with the therapy.

by Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat

Dear Dr. Randoll and Dear Matrix Family Members:

I didn’t prepare a formal presentation for this meeting and decided to talk about the Matrix Rhythm Concept which I have been using over the last seven years.

First, I want to thank Dr. Randoll for the invention of the Matrix Device and the wonderful concept he has given us.  Second, I would like to thank Anil Deshpande who introduced me to the concept.  I would like to thank my patients who gave me the opportunity to treat them with the Matrix Concept, and my family members—my children, and my wife who sacrificed their Sundays—while I was out spreading the concept throughout our entire country.  Also, I want to thank my students from whom I learned and improved.  The last seven years have been a continuous learning process for me, and I am still learning.

Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll and Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat at 5th International Conference of Physical Therapy AIIMS (All India Institut of Medical Sciences) in New Delhi, December 2016

Yesterday while having dinner together, Dr. Randoll used a phrase to explain the Matrix concept. This phrase was, it is like „ploughing the field“. Sometimes we have to understand what it really means. Each of us understands it in a different way, but the concept remains the foundation. It is difficult to explain the same concept to a plastic surgeon than to a lay person who walks into the clinic for pain relief. But each time I listen to Dr Randoll, I always find a new way to explain the concept.  In the last seven years, I have never missed an opportunity to listen to Dr. Randoll.  I ask of you all to also be a part of this wonderful concept and spread it across our country.

What really made me use Matrix for these past years instead of other methods, which I had been practicing, was due to a paradigm shift in my thinking.  After learning the Matrix Concept I have a different perspective.  I now focus on a cellular level.  We physical therapists look at a macroscopic level like with a camera in our hands, but with Matrix, we can zoom in and see what’s going on at the cellular level.  We can ask what is the basis of the disease.  What is going on at the cellular level?

It was with Matrix that I could focus on the cellular level and then first ask myself:  What am I doing with the Matrix Concept?  For me, it was not just to treat a frozen shoulder or a restricted knee, because every time I talked to Dr. Randoll, I had a better understanding of the concept, and I continue to understand the concept in a better way.  The first time you read „The theory and Practice,“ you understand something about it, because it is a totally new concept for physical therapists.  We never thought at the cellular level.  We studied the cellular level but we never applied it.  We didn’t have the means to apply this concept to our patients.  With Matrix we could apply this at the cellular level.  This really changed the way I looked at the condition—changed the way I worked with the patient.

Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat, Instructor for Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India, during a MaRhyThe Basic Seminar

Patients are the same and conditions are the same.  What has changed?  The application of the concept with the device has really changed.  Someone asked how do you treat all the conditions from ulcers to sports injuries with one device, which treats most of the conditions.  I do the physiology.  If you can convert the pathology into the physiology, that is all you need to treat the condition.

After coming back from Germany, I first experimented with the equipment.  The first experiment was with an ulcer which would have been the worst case for a plastic surgeon, but the best case for me to experiment with.  Once I completed my study, I was convinced.  After that I could convince other people.  That has helped me promote the equipment and the concept.

Then I started exploring other conditions.  After I understood the concept in depth, I broadened my perspective.  Understand the principles of treatment and you will find it is a case for Matrix, whether it is for an ulcer, restricted knee, circulation, or any other restriction.  I am a different therapist now after much understanding of the concept for all conditions.  Do not limit yourself.  Use it for all conditions—geriatrics, pediatrics, restrictions, ulcers, wellness, etc.  It is my mission to spread the concept.