Movement Restrictions after Vertebral Fractures

How I became fully mobile and able to work again thanks to the matrix rhythm therapy

Report by: Silke Kaupp

Headfirst – the fall from the horse

On 27.12.2015 I fell off my horse and rolled head over heels and landed on my back. I fractured the 7th cervical vertebra, as well as other vertebral fractures, including thoracic vertebrae 3 and 4.
At that time, I did not suspect that I should suffer from movement restrictions due to vertebral fractures. For more than three years I could no longer practice my profession as an equestrian trainer and as a professional rider.

Professional rider and equestrian trainer Silke Kaupp before her accident

At first everything looked optimistic. The fractures were surgically treated via an internal fixator and the healing progressed very well. After only four months, I started my rehab and, despite the fixator’s immobility, I was painfree and confident that after the metal was removed, I would be almost completely mobile again.

This is what the wound and surgical scar looked like when the fixator was removed after 11 months

Complications after removal of the fixator

After 11 months the fixator was removed, but unfortunately nothing was as it should be. The wound did not heal, broke up again and again in some places and was oozing. Even after four months of treatments my situation did not improve. In addition, bacteria was detected, where the vertebrae lay bare and the muscles had atrophied. Further operations then caused a slight improvement, the wound finally healed.

Movement restrictions and coordination difficulties

The whole matter should have been over and done with, but I had no mobility. My head protruded forward, a movement to the right and left was very limited. As a result, I had coordination difficulties and fears in my everyday life, because I just had a restricted view of my environment. Driving and many other things were not possible.

In addition, because of the movement restrictions, I could not work in my profession as an equestrian trainer and professional rider.

Occupationally disabled and permanent physiotherapy

Another rehabilitation treatment was scheduled.

However, only short-term success was achieved with manual therapies, physiotherapy and equipment training. I was shown that it could actually be better, but the effect for the movement restrictions only lasted for one to two days.

An application for permanent physiotherapy was submitted and approved.

The prognosis was that I could only maintain the current state, which was still very painful due to tension and malposition, if I would be treated at least 3 times a week. Otherwise, deterioration would occur.

I did not believe in change anymore

Meanwhile, I had become resigned to the condition, the malposition and the permanent pain. I even got used to not sleeping through the night, because when I rested, the tension built up even more. I had to get up at night regularly and move around to get the tension out and be able to sleep at all.

Three years after the accident and two years after metal removal, I no longer believed that anyone could change anything and, of course, that I could not work in my profession again.

After the first treatment with Eva Büchel and the Matrixmobil – the medical device for the matrix rhythm therapy – Silke Kaupp wanted to find out more!

An Experiment with Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Nonetheless, I was persuaded by Eva Büchel, Matrix Health Partner, to try Matrix Rhythm Therapy. I had nothing to lose.

After the first visit with her, in which she treated me for a good hour, I could see how the tension eased and the mobility improved significantly and lasted longer, especially in the neck area.

After three more treatments with Mrs. Büchel, who already gave me hope that maybe there was still something to save, I had an appointment with Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll himself.


Movement restrictions and tension significantly diminish

He and Ms. Büchel worked together with two devices. I was very curious about what the two therapists could achieve.

Dr. Ulrich Randoll and Eva Büchel at the 21st International Matrix Congress on Ischia

The result was impressive.

For the first time in three years, I was able to walk, sit and lie down for a long time without the constant urge to rotate my arms or otherwise loosen my muscles. Looking into a shop window showed me that I could walk upright without getting a hollow back or being in a restricted upper body position.



Full night’s sleep

The first nights of sleep were incredible. The feeling of being able to sleep at night, I appreciate more, because I did not have it anymore.

And best of all, the effect continued.

Finally, I had my own device at home and was able to use it on myself, which I did at the beginning daily. Over time, I had the feeling that I could handle longer and longer periods without treatment, because the effect just lasted longer. Meanwhile, 5 months after Dr. Randoll’s treatment, I treat myself only once a week prophylactically, and I am functioning well again professionally.

Three years after her accident, Silke Kaupp completed her training as a horse physiotherapist. One of her therapies is Matrix Rhythm Therapy. More about Silke Kaupp and her daughter at Team Kaupp.

I can look into a painless future

I also completed my own training as a horse physiotherapist, so that I can now build a future again. The condition of my muscles would allow me to work in my former profession again, but the danger of falling is too high for a professional rider, so this would simply be too great a risk.

Nevertheless, I can teach again, lunge horses, and exercise my work as a horse physiotherapist. Now, thanks to Dr. Randoll and his Matrixmobil, I have a future I can look into painlessly.

The physiotherapy appointments have become obsolete. Normal daily exercise is completely enough for me to be mobile.

My new profession: horse physiotherapist

My horses now also benefit from my treatments with the Matrixmobil. I notice how I can achieve great progress here in terms of movement restrictions and well-being. The Matrixmobil will certainly become my mainstay in horse treatment. I believe that, based on my own experience with it, I can optimally support my animal patients as well. The first good results in treated horses have already been achieved, and I am sure that many more will follow.

The horse physiotherapist Silke Kaupp today – the Matrixmobil is her constant companion and mainstay in her therapeutic work

That’s why I can only thank the team of Dr. Randoll, and also Mrs Büchel, for having given me back my basis of daily life, namely flexibility and, as a result, my workmanship.

I realize that not every patient is fortunate enough to meet those therapists who do their best to achieve incredible results, although I had already given up and lost hope.



Therapists: Eva Büchel and Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll

This article is also available in German, please read: Bewegungseinschränkungen bei Wirbelkörperfrakturen